Wanted Items

Wanted: 1930 Big Eight
I am missing the following parts for my Big Eight 1930: Radiator Cap, Electric Dashboard Clock, Timing Chain, Spire Tire Holder, Hubcaps, Wire Wheels, Water Pump Impeller, Air Cleaner, Rearview Mirror, Windshield Wiper, Water Temperature Copper Sensor, Lens Hood, Left License Plate Holder, Distributor Cap, Engine Hood Closure Contact: martin1812@gmx.de.

Wanted: Marmon V 16 Cars
Unrestored or incomplete preferred. Will consider purchasing all V 16 parts offered. Gary Severns. Phone 562-260-7991 or email severnsg@aol.com.

Wanted for a Roosevelt with wooden spoke wheels
I need the entire spare tire carrier and a radiator cap. Call Pat Scrufari at 716-282-2290 or email pscrufari@aol.com

Wanted: Set of 33 x 5 tires for 1919 Model 34
Looking for a set of five (four is OK) used tires. I intend to use them for “set up” during restoration activity so they do not have to be in first class condition, but will consider all opportunities. PS: I also have a 20-foot enclosed trailer for sale. Thank you. Rand Patterson, Galena, OH RPatte6353@aol.com, 740-965-6165.

Wanted: engine – trans. clutch – rear end for 1910, 1911, 1912 model 32 4 cyl. Marmon
Would purchase total parts car if available. Lester Noyes, 207-781-3116, grtmoshier@aol.com.

Wanted for 1928 68 coupe restoration
Throw out bearing assy. And front transmission shaft that throw out bearing slides on for T68A Warner transmission, also need a good pressure plate, Front bumper (smooth) with or w/o bumper brackets, Front fenders with or w/o side mount spare wells and Left rear frame rail cover (the sheet metal that fills from frame to rear fender). Curt Chaney, cell 785-418-1151, or email c-chaney@att.net or cchaney@douglas-county.com.

Wanted for Model 69 or 79
Cowl; cowl vent; front doors; rear door skins; real belt line trim; front axle and related parts; other small parts. Contact Bruce Werven, 9882 133rd Ave NE, Cavalier, ND 58220 Phone 701-265-3169, email swerven@polarcomm.com.

Wanted: Marmon D-74 coupe, any condition
Contact Jeff Stumb at jeffstumb@comcast.net or 423-385-4414.

Marmon’s 1930 accessory catalogue
I am DESPERATELY looking for someone that has a copy of Marmon’s 1930 accessory catalogue. I would be happy to buy an original or copy. I would even settle for some information (preferably with a picture) about the trunk that was serviced for the 1930 Big 8, body style 118 or 119. This is different than the trunk on all of the other body styles. Marmon listed a part number but did not even illustrate it in the parts catalogue. I have a line on one that is supposed to be correct but would like to “know for sure” before purchasing it. Rich Radetsky, 3277 So. Geneva St., Denver, CO 80231-4734, 303-755-2320, rradetsky@aol.com

Marmon’s wanted
Prefer Marmon V-16’s but will consider others. Please contact Mark Hyman at 314-524-6000; mark@hymanltd.com.

In need of the original air cleaner for a 1929 Model 68 Roosevelt
It may also be the same carb as a Stromberg UX2. Randal Steinbeck. 530-623-2043 or soldier@snowcrest.net

Inside door handles for 1927 Marmon Model L
Sally Barnett 256-498-5068 or e-mail sdbarn@otelco.net Will welcome any suggestions for possible sources also.

1927 Little Marmon
Headlights, cowl lights, windshield wiper motor, rear spare tire bracket. Robert Bond. 801-272-0104. RGBond@earthlink.net

1922 Model 34B 4P Speedster
Need good water pump and other 34B parts. Tony Savio, 6323 Capellino Ct., Stockton, CA 95215. (209)931-5389 Evenings.

Wanted: Radiator cap for 1929 model 78
Contact Ken, 636-239-1663.

1930 Big 8 Body Style 118 or 119
Front shocks complete w/ linkage (Wahl or Gabriel), Clutch cover/pressure plate assy. (Rockford mdl. 11II), Trunk and trunk rack. Will accept new, used or re-buildable parts. 5, preferably NOS, hub caps for my ’30 “Big 8″ w/ 19″ Dayton wire wheels. These measure approx. 9” O. D. and fit an 8 1/2″ wheel opening. Almost any other N.O.S. parts or a complete parts car. Rich Radetsky, 3277 So. Geneva St., Denver, CO 80231-4734;H:(303)755-2320, W:(303)956-9992. rradetsky@aol.com.

Marmon 16 Parts
Trying to save ’31 Marmon 16 Close coupled sedan and need many parts and always welcome advise. Looking for Headlight lenses, steering wheel, etc. John Allie, 317-250-7811, oldcarz6@comcast.net

Big 8
Need one passenger window crank. Dennis Milstein, 1485 Mill Creek Rd., Gladwyne, PA 19035; 610-896-8888.

1933 Sixteen oil cleaner
Also locking device for the windshield for a 1933 Marmon 16. Asmund Nordahl, Kinna Sjostrand, Arvika SE-67193, SWEDEN. nordahl@telia.com

1930 Big 8
Radiator shutters, rear bumper, hubcaps, dome light lens, side mount hold-down bracket. Bill Jaquiery, 77 Sea Hill Rd., No. Branford, CT; (203) 481-9378 or 481-2666.

For 1922 Model 34B engine
Rocker shaft support, generator and distributor. Don Bosco, Staten Island, NY 10304. (718) 351-0929, don@tallcoilcoil.com

1930 Eight-79 sedan
Need 1 ash tray that inserts into the door, radiator cap or correct stant insert that attaches to bottom of cap. 4” round actuator mechanism for radiator shutter/mounts at top rear drivers side on radiator. Made by Pines Automatic Winter Front Co. Rich Gabrich, 8320 75th Court, Vero Beach, FL 32967. 772-589-0242. scarlett9@earthlink.net

For Exchange
Kellogg tire pump Model 201. Complete and fully restored, as on page 162 figure 429 Marmon Heritage. Suitable models 34A,34B & 34 C FOR: Buffalo wire wheel 6.50x 20inch, MS series to suit Marmon 34B, 34C as described on page 207 and figures 4-83, 4-84. Must be in good condition. Please contact Roland DEERY, Australia, Phone 03 98991331; Fax 03 98991331; E-mail: deery@vegas.com.au

Parts from any 1930 Marmon (Roosevelt, 8-69, 8-79, or Big 8)
Spare wheel carrier dust cap (#6317), hubcap wrench (#3603), 19” wire-spoke wheel, “Pines Winterfront” thermostat and bellows assembly, carburetor air cleaner (#W-512). Jim Povero, 2584 Holler Road, Cortland, NY 13045; 607-835-6318; virgilmule@aol.com

Wanted: Electrical Switch
Located at the base of the steering box, that controls the high and low beams, parking lights, horn, and starter motor. The switch needed is used on the 1930 Model 69, Model 79, and Big 8 and on the 1931 Model 88; the Marmon part number is S-1256-A. Also, I need the electric dashboard clock used on the Marmon Big 8 and Model 88; the Marmon part number is H-4010. Neil McKay, 970 “E” Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301. Phone: 503-585-6119. email: funhawgs@gmail.com

Marmon Sixteen parts wanted
Motor mounts, left rear fender, brake vacuum booster and control valve, parking lamps for front fenders, dome lights, instrument gauges and clocks, carburetor, air cleaner, oil filter and bracket, current limit relay for body, square escutcheons for inside window cranks, transmission gears, main drive cluster, rear license brackets, head light lenses, tail lights. Marmon Sixteen parts for sale: forged pistons (7 to 1 compression), cylinder sleeves, rebuilding instruments complete with new dials, exhaust manifold heat riser kit, exhaust outlet tips, muffler and resonator as original (in stainless steel), running boards (all moldings and trim pieces with proper insert rubber), hub cap cloisonne centers, hub caps, “Marmon Sixteen 200 H.P.” plates, all door handles (inside and outside) and window cranks (new castings), taillight arms. Many other repro parts are available plus some used mechanical and body parts. R. Harry Sherry, 876 Water St., Warsaw, Ontario KOL 3A0, Canada. 705-652-8321

V 16 Marmon wanted
Complete car only. Any body style. Running or not running in any condition O K. Contact Gary Severns 375 Redondo # 407 Long Beach Calif 90814, Tel 562-260-7991, severnsg@aol.com